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Jean Frey remains a treasure for Berks basketball

By Tony Zonca -- senior contributor In the early 1970s, when girls basketball in Berks County was still taking baby steps, Jean Frey emerged as an exemplar of the game. She was the head coach at Exeter from

How Muhlenberg and Exeter put girls basketball on the map

By Tony Zonca -- senior contributor It was a February night in 1978 and the basketball crowd had decided to show up early for the high school double-header at Reading High. The Geigle, especially back then,

These Bullets got shot down way too fast

By Tony Zonca -- senior contributor How many people living in Berks County would you guess have heard of the Hamburg Bullets basketball team? Fifty? Twenty? Just me? Let me fill you in:

You could write a book about it

For years Tony Zonca considered Reading High's 1982-83 team his personal favorite among the 50 or so Red Knights basketball teams he has watched. The team included Pat Tulley, Charlie Chisholm and Rodney Hodge; it was coached by

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